I started studying painting when I was 5 years old in the studio of painter-monumentalist Yury Korolevich, then continued my studies in art school, where my favorite classes were composition and history of art.


At 15 I entered the Minsk art college, and later the Vitebsk Technological University, where I specialized in design.


After university I worked for several years as a fashion designer, winning several national competitions.


In 1998 I started working in interior design. My first projects were the clothing store “Bunker”, night club “Bronx” and “Parmiggiano” restaurant. Later I worked on the interiors of “News Café”, “Grand Café”, “Rosso”, “Bistro de Luxe”. In 2010 one of my projects, “Grand Café”, was named “Best restaurant interior design”.


I have worked on apartments, houses, offices, shops, many of which can be seen on this site.


If you’re interested in getting to know me better, you can see the “Press” section of this website.

Irina Nalimova’s bureau is a team that creates beautiful, harmonious and comfortable interiors, fills them with character, warmth and coziness so that they reflect the individuality and dreams of their owners. We work with the interior from the beginning to the full implementation, carefully work out the details, find innovative solutions and embody the plan.